Mt Cook Alpine Trekking, New Zealand

The Aoraki Mount Cook and Lake Tekapo High Country region is home to some of the most spectacular alpine scenery in the world. So it is not surprising that Aoraki Mt Cook has some of the best high country walking, trekking and hiking conditions in the world.

There is something for everyone at Aoraki Mt Cook from easy day walks, to alpine hikes suitable for only the very experienced, and fit hikers on overnight trips that take you into the high peaks of the Southern Alps, with views of Aoraki Mt Cook, Mt Tasman and Taman Glacier. The region is dominated by Aoraki Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain. Sir Edmund Hillary climbed here before undertaking the first successful climb of Mount Everest.

In the alpine reqions of Aoraki Mt Cook there is a huge variety of unique flora and fauna. The region is home to many small flowering plants including the Mount Cook Lily, Snow Marguerite, South Island Eidelweiss and Giant Spaniard. New Zealand's inquisitive mountain parrot, the Kea, is one to be watched. You may see a New Zealand Falcon, or even a small Rock Wren darting in the rocks.

The weather in the Southern Alps and Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is very changeable, and is subject to rapid changes as the weather patterns hit the Southern Alps. If hiking in the Southern Alps, always be prepared for the worst conditions.

  • 2 Day Aoraki Mt Cook Guided Trek
    From Lake Tekapo: Climb up the Ball Ridge and confront the mighty Caroline Face of Aoraki Mount Cook. On this guided hike you will go as close as it's possible to get to Mount Cook on foot without actually being on the mountain....
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  • 3 Day Ball Pass Crossing
    From Lake Tekapo: The Ball Pass Crossing from the Tasman Glacier to Hooker Valley is a tough 3 day alpine crossing of the Mount Cook Range. Following Ball Ridge, the hiking route passes high above the Tasman Glacier, and opposite the...
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  • 3 Day Ball Pass Summit Trek
    From Lake Tekapo: One of the most popular and spectacular treks in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, the Ball Pass Summit Walk is for experienced hikers. Climb 850m up to the superbly located Caroline Hut, on the Ball Ridge,...
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  • Alpine Nordic Ski Touring
    From Lake Tekapo: If you can walk, you can ski nordic! One of the healthiest forms of exercise there are, giving a total body workout with both arm and leg stretching, breathing in clean mountain air and taking in beautiful scenery...
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  • Lake Tekapo Snowshoe Guided Hike
    From Lake Tekapo: The foothills of the Southern Alps undergo a magic transformation in winter. A covering of snow turns these tawny tussock lands into an extensive playground, not just for skiers, but also trampers on snowshoes....
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  • Tekapo Guided Trek
    From Lake Tekapo: Hike above worry level in the foothills of the Southern Alps. Be inspired by the magic light of the Mackenzie High Country across golden tussock, snow-capped peaks and the turquoise of Lake Tekapo. Climb a 2070m...
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