Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

The town of Mount Maunganui is located in the Bay of Plenty area and just north of Tauranga.  The town carries the same name as the local extinct volcanic cone that is known to be one of the most recognized local landmarks in the area.  Mount Maunganui has a lot to offer the adventurer and curious mind alike.  There are many different exciting, interesting and relaxing activities which make it the perfect spot for tourists.

Mt Maunganui hiking and sight seeing

The best way to get a full view of the area is to make your way up the Mount Maunganui Summit Track.  Set out early so that you have plenty of time to enjoy a break at the top.  There are various routes that you can follow and, once you make your way down, you may want to stop and relax at one of the cafés at the base.  Remember to take your camera along for the trip as this is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

Another popular walking area is the Maunganui Bluff.  The fresh air and natural surroundings are perfectly complimented by amazing views of the harbour and various nearby islands.

There are also a number of companies that offer scenic flights over the area.  If you fancy a bird's eye view, this is definitely the way to experience Mount Maunganui.

Other things to do in Mt Maunganui

Given its location in the Bay of Plenty area, it's easy to understand the abundance of water activities.  If you fancy a relaxing day at the beach, there are a number of popular spots to choose from.  Take a packed lunch, refreshments and snacks along for the day.

The Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools are another popular spot for locals and tourists.  Here you can enjoy a much needed relaxing soak.

Other top local water activities include surfing and stand up paddleboarding.  There are even schools in the area ready and waiting to accommodate everyone from beginners to experts.

A trip to Mount Maunganui is sure to be a welcomed break from regular city life.  Leave all your worries at home and get ready to enjoy a wonderful balance of nature, fun and some of the most memorable sights and experiences.