Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

The famous Hot Water Beach is located on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula and it is so named due to the constant pleasantly warm waters.  The beach water is warmed continuously by two large underground volcanic springs.  This unusual beach attracts both local and foreign tourists and the annual visitor count is approximately 700 000!

Relaxation and fun on Hot Water Beach

Just like any other beach, visitors can enjoy a good splash around in the wave and stroll around to stretch their legs.  Of course, it's the relaxing aspect that has become the top activity here and even young children are enjoying the soothing properties of the spring water below.

Approximately two hours before and after high tide, you will be able to dig in the sand and access the rising spring water.  Visitors usually take spades or shovels along to this beach so that they can dig their own personal hot water pool.  If you don't have your own, you can always hire one at the beach.  It's not unusual to see most of the visitors lounging about in these pools with only a few venturing into the water itself.

Be prepared for the tide to come in and “threaten” your private bathtub.  For many families, defending their mini pool is all part of the fun.  Build sand walls around your little pool and enjoy the warm water as long as possible.

Some safety tips and helpful visitor information

As beautiful and relaxing as this beach is, there are a number of safety tips that you will notice posted at the car park.  Such include warnings about rip currents, large waves, submerged rocks and a sudden drop off. 

Do take these warnings seriously and be cautious when entering the water.  Most visitors prefer to simply wade in the water rather than swim out too far.

The walk from the car park is a fair distance so make sure that you don't leave anything behind that you might need.  Pack refreshments and make sure that you are prepared for a chilly breeze as you leave.  The wind can really pick up in these parts and, after soaking in the warm water, a cool breeze can seem icy cold.

A trip to the Hot Water Beach in New Zealand is an absolute must for anyone in the area.  Whether you are staying nearby or just passing through, you should set aside at least one day of your travels to visit this spectacular location and make the most of some of nature's healing and relaxation powers at its best.