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Queen Charlotte Track, New Zealand

One of the main attractions in the Picton area are the beautiful Marlborough Sounds.  Of which, Queen Charlotte Sound and Track are very frequently visited by locals and tourists.  The town of Picton is perfectly situated in order to offer visitors accommodation while they enjoy their time exploring such natural sights.

Main description of the Queen Charlotte Track

This track is a total of 71km long and runs from Queen Charlotte Sound to Kenepuru Sound.  Visitors are completely surrounded by nature as they navigate their way through the bush path and over a number of hills.  There are a number of great lookout points along the way that provide some of the best views of the sounds.

The track is also accessible to bikes although, due to the nature of the track, it is only recommended for those who are proficient mountain bike riders.  It is also important to note that certain sections do not permit bikers as per the local department of conservation.

For the most part, the track consists of clay soil and there are bridges over all major streams which make it easier to make your way across.  The track isn't all that difficult and even inexperienced hikers can take it on comfortably.  That being said, it is rather long so make sure that you don't go further than you can manage.  Take plenty of refreshments along with you and something to boost your energy couldn't hurt either.

Places to visit along the Queen Charlotte Track

Planning your way and where you will stop is the best way to make the most of this track.  There are a number of scenic spots to stop and you will be able to squeeze that much more into your trip if you plan accordingly.

Popular places to visit along the Queen Charlotte Track include Ship Cove, Resolution Bay, Endeavour Inlet and Anakiwa, to name just a few.  Take a look around online and ask the locals what each spot offers in terms of sights before setting out.

As with any nature trail or track, the two most important things to remember is preparation and conservation.  Be prepared with all the water and light snacks you may need along the way.  New Zealand weather can be unpredictable so take something along just in case it starts to rain.  Make sure that you mind your step, stick to the path and take a trash bag along with you so that you don't toss anything on the ground along the way.

For those wanting to do the whole Queen Charlotte Track there are some excellent independent walks and fully guided walks on the Queen Charlotte Track. These packages allow you to carry just a light day pack, with the rest of your luggage being transferred by water taxi. If you are wanting to try some kayaking or mountain biking, then these options are als available.