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Hokitika, New Zealand

Inspired by locals landscapes and raw materials (jade, gold and other minerals, driftwood, timber, clay, shell, bone and fibres) it is no coincidence that craft artists, sculptors, jewellers, painters and poets have chosen the Hokitika area as their home. 

Visitors can also enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, including rafting, canoeing, river cruises, kayaking, scenic flights, bush, lakeside and beach walks, classic car rentals, museums and theatre, and a choice of fine cafes, restaurants, and quality accommodation. Ross is an easy 25 minute drive south of Hokitika New Zealand.

Originally founded on gold, Ross has a colourful history, and local heritage guides love to introduce visitors to their town. View a working gold mine, pan for gold, just as the old miners did, or visit one of the many historic sites. Ross has a general store, and a service station for motoring needs.

Hokitika has a vibrant artisan community, and the area is now internationally renowned as a centre of creative arts.

Hokitika Wild Foods Festival

The Hokitika Wild Foods festival began in 1990 and is now held annually in Hokitika to much aclaim. For visitors travelling to New Zealand in March, the annual Hokitika Wild Foods festival (held in March) is a "must do" experience.

Its first festival won a Tourism Excellence Award and each year grows bigger and better. Locals and visitors get in to the spirit of the occasion, wearing period costume, sampling the wild foods and enjoying a huge variety of entertainment.

Wild foods on the menu can include anything from fish eyes to venison, pistachio ice cream to huhu grubs or seaweed and puha soup.

The National Kiwi Centre in Hokitika

The Kiwi is our national bird, our national icon and New Zealanders are nicknamed Kiwis around the globe.  This rare and beautiful flightless, native bird is endangered and the NZ Department of Conservation has many programmes in place to preserve its special and treasured place in the wildlife of New Zealand.

To view Kiwis in an enclosed natural setting, visit The National Kiwi Centre in Hoikitika. The attraction also features Tuatara, giant eels and detailed audio visuals and information about the Kiwi.