Twin Coast Cycle Trail in New Zealand

A new cycle trail in the Far North is finally completed and open to adventurers! The full trail is 87km long and runs between Opua in the East to Horeke and the Hokianga in the West. The trail can be enjoyed in 1 to 3 days.

About the trail

The Twin Coast Cycle trail is located in the Far North, where the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document, was signed in 1840. This subtropical region is where you will find some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery.

The trail takes you to historically significant locations where you will learn about early New Zealand settlement. It is part of New Zealand’s Cycleway initiative (Nga Haerenga) and is a wonderful way to enjoy and explore some of the best places in rural New Zealand. It is perfect for all ages or ability, with a trail that is mostly flat, wide, and with gentle climbs.

The trail includes off-road and on-road riding. The off-road trail is suitable for everyone as it is built on an old rail corridor.

A unique experience awaits those who will explore the Twin Coast Cycle Trail. Riders will discover rural farm country, pass through many beautiful small towns, and locations with historical and cultural significance. Along the route, watch out for the hand-carved “pou” that represents the rich culture of the Far North and adds an artistic feature to the trail.