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River Valley

River Valley Stables focuses on building strong relationships between horse and rider.  We aim to provide each and every rider with a polite, confident, surefooted and happy horse.  Being able to explore such dramatic landscapes on horseback is truly an experience that you will never forget.

We use Natural Horse Training techniques to train all of our horses.  Our methods include riding with a loose rein and without the use of a bit.  Many aspects of this specialised technique can be compared with the western riding style since this is where the techniques originated.

At the beginning of each trek, we give everyone comprehensive instructions.  For anyone looking to learn more, we highly suggest a multi-day Home on the Range package. However some experience is required, none of our trips are suitable for first time or beginner riders.

Intermediate Riders

An intermediate rider is classified as somebody who can rise to the trot (also known as posting) and sit comfortably in the saddle while moving at a canter.  You need to have a comprehensive understanding of how to control a horse.  While you may enjoy a shorter trek, we believe that a Half Day Trek would give you the most amount of pleasure.  Shorter rides could quite easily leave you longing for more.

Advanced and Experienced Riders

An experienced rider is somebody who is completely confident in the saddle and has several years of experience.  Perhaps you have owned a horse in the past and still enjoy riding regularly.  You get a thrill from a challenge and you love taking in new surroundings on horseback.  A Full Day Trekking Adventure lives up to its name!  Not only is this an extremely thrilling ride but it also takes you over the most scenic parts with the best views and most challenging areas to navigate with your trusty steed. 

Multi Day Treks

In order to really get the most out of this kind of experience, you need to be an intermediate rider at least.  The two day Lodge to Lodge Horse Trekking Experience is one of the multi day treks we offer and it includes a variety of sights and challenges.  From river crossings and superb scenery to comfortable accommodation to rest your head each night, this trek has it all! 

Lodge or Ranch based Horse Riding Holidays

The Two Day Home on the Range is a great alternative to a multi day trek and is suitable for all types of riders.  You will have time to get to know your horse, learn some valuable riding skills and enjoy rides that are designed to suit your personal riding ability.  Fulfilling meals and comfortable accommodation will be provided each night while saunas, spas and massage therapists are also an option.

Our Location

We are located in the Rangitikei District of New Zealand's North Island.  We are close to the central North Island town of Taihape and this area is particularly known for having the most beautiful natural scenery and fertile farmlands.  Take care as you drive on our country roads.  You will be surprise by the number, and perhaps the size, of the other vehicles that share these roads with you. 

A Great Place to Break the Journey!

River Valley Lodge is the perfect place to take a break when making your way from Rotorua/Taupo to Wellington.  It's approximately half way between these two top locations which makes it ideal for a midway stop.

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