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Rangitata Rafts

Located just two hours from the lovely city of Christchurch and in the company of the great Southern Alps, at Rangitata Rafts visitors are in for Grade 5 white water rapids – guaranteed!

Our historic sheep farm allows us unique access to the Rangitata Gorge which is one of the most remote and thrilling white water trips in the country! Our main priorities include providing you with a safe, fun and relaxed experience as you take on some of the biggest rapids that the South Island has to offer! We also feel very passionately about our beautiful environment that allows us the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of rafting along with the most picturesque New Zealand landscapes.

At Rangitata River Rafts, we offer visitors the choice of two amazing rafting trips designed to suit the needs of individuals and groups. Now, just in case you're not familiar with how rivers are graded, they range from Grade 1 to 6. Grade 1 is flat water whereas Grade 6 refers to waters that are too rough for rafting, such as waterfalls and huge, confused water. Our Rangitata River Rafting Grade 5 trip includes return transport from Christchurch or Geraldine upon request.

We're all about you (and rafts!)

Our main priority at Rangitata Rafts is ensuring that everyone has a fantastic day out. Enjoy outdoor fun with friendly people, thrilling rapids along one of the most beautiful rivers in New Zealand while avoiding crowds and the feeling of being rushed along.

Grade 1 to 5… it’s your call

Since each trip guarantees Grade 1 to 5 white water rafting, you only need to choose whether you are up for the challenge or if you would prefer to watch from a distance. If you aren’t quite keen on the rougher waters, you can be escorted by our photographer and watch the thrill seekers have a go at it!

Spine-tingling scenery

When rugged Lord Of The Rings scenery meets white water exhilaration, it’s a pretty massive rush. Add to this the fact that you're smack in the middle of an historic high-country sheep station and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a great Kiwi adventure.

Time to relax

When enjoying our trips, you will get your fair share of fun, excitement and time to relax. We spend almost three hours out on the river which means that you have plenty of time to practice your boating skills, make the most of some of the best rapids in New Zealand and get better acquainted with your raft mates!

Legendary guides

Our internationally experienced guides are there to keep you entertained with their quick wit and knowledge. They are there to keep you safe and teach you everything you need to know about taking on the roughest river waters. You will learn everything from basic paddling techniques to safety maneuvers to ensure that you are ready for anything that might come your way.

We spoil you (just a little!)

Of course we will provide your gear and you are in for some of the most amazing rafting around! To top it all, you will also be treated to a delicious lunch as soon as you arrive and a soothing hot shower once your trip comes to an end. After freshening up, it’s time to enjoy a Barbie dinner as you put your feet up and browse through the pictures that captured all the fun and thrilling excitement of the day!

Rangitata River Rafting - Grade 5
Rangitata River Rafting - Grade 5
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