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Mt Hutt Ski Area

The premier ski resort of Mt Hutt along with the town of Methven provides holiday makers with an amazing laid-back and inexpensive New Zealand ski holiday. The ski field at Mt Hutt boasts a considerable vertical drop and runs that are bound to get your thighs burning! Thanks to this drop and the steep pitch, this ski field has been awarded the title of the “capital of speed” and is a popular racing spot. By car, you can reach Mt Hutt Ski Area within 1 and a half hours from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Mt Hutt Ski Area offers superb skiing terrain for all levels of skiers from beginners and intermediates to advanced riders. With 365 hectares of treeless terrain and a number of off-piste lines, there's plenty of fun for all. For those who can't get enough of fresh powder, you will love the terrain along the boarder of the resort. You won't find large masses of people here but you will need to make the most of the powder since it doesn't last forever!

Each season, Mt Hutt enjoys a snowfall of 4 metres which is quite impressive when compared to other commercial ski resorts in New Zealand. Like other ski resorts in the country, the snow conditions are known to vary and anything is possible from dry powder and cement to slush, ice and mashed potatoes.

The one drawback of Mt Hutt is its location. Since it is situated on the edge of the mountain range, it is exposed to some strong cold southerly winds. Mt Hutt has also been nicknamed Mt Shut due to the nature of the weather and the steep, meandering access road also exposed to the elements. Bad weather can result in the resort being closed for an average of 14 days each season. That said, since Mt Hutt has such a long season, it still offers more open days each season than other ski resorts.

Costs related to skiing are pretty much the same as any other commercial ski resort in New Zealand. Booking your accommodation in Methven is how you save money and enjoy a cheap New Zealand ski holiday. Mt Hutt also offers family discounts and some good facilities for children which increases its popularity as a holiday destination.

8 Day Mt Hutt Family Ski Holiday Self-Drive
8 Day Mt Hutt Family Ski Holiday Self-Drive
South Island
Explore the world-class Mt Hutt ski area near Christchurch. This Mt Hutt Family Ski Holiday Self-Drive package includes a 4-day ski pass and 7 nights...