Coromandel Tours from Auckland

The Coromandel Peninsula is one of the most popular destinations in New Zealand renowned for its rainforest-covered mountains, rugged volcanic cliffs rising from the sea, and unspoiled beaches, coves and bays. It's only two hours' drive of Auckland, New Zealand's most populous city, and yet it's far removed from the bustle of North Island's urban centres, welcoming visitors with its laidback atmosphere and arty vibe. No wonder many Aucklanders maintain summer homes here, swelling the many tiny townships' populations in summer. On our Coromandel Tours from Auckland, highlights include:

Cathedral Cove

One of the most iconic spots in Coromandel is Cathedral Cove, the centrepiece of the Te Whanganui-a-Hei Marine Reserve, and a filming location for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The marine reserve is best explored via a guided boat tour or kayak trip to better appreciate up close the massive caves, blow holes, sharp cliffs and eroded remnants of the volcanic zone that had gone extinct.

Hot Water Beach

Not far away is the equally popular Hot Water Beach where you can dig up your own naturally-heated hot pool in the sand. An underground river of hot water surfaces in this long lovely white beach and meets the Pacific Ocean, allowing visitors to create their own seaside spas two hours on either side of low tide. Hot Water Beach is also a surfer magnet known for its left-hand point breaks and right-hand breaks.

Champagne Bay

Evidence of volcanic activity is nowhere more obvious than in Champagne Bay, another filming location for the Narnia movie. The jagged rock formations have been exposed to the elements for millions of years, creating caves, cliff faces and pinnacles that will leave you amazed.

Mt Paku

The misty forests of Coromandel inspire hiking, and one of the most picturesque spots to give your legs a good workout is Mt. Paku in Tairua, a town on the east coast of the peninsula. A volcanic peak, Mt. Paku began as an island volcano about seven to eight million years ago until sea levels rose a few thousand years ago and connected the island to the town via a land bridge that developed from a sandspit. After a short guided hike to the summit, you'll enjoy a commanding view of the Coromandel coastline. From here, the walk to Cathedral Cove offers plenty of opportunity to explore other coves found along the way.

Driving Creek Railway

Several other towns in the Coromandel Peninsula boast unique attractions worthy of a detour. Thames, a town on the peninsula's southwest coast, is your gateway to Coromandel adventures. Once a gold mining town, Thames is the rural heart of The Coromandel town where you can experience a ride on the Driving Creek Railway through a replanted forest.

With the vibrant cosmopolitan comforts of Auckland close by, you can escape to the pristine natural wonders of Coromandel for a day or two and enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s going to be an adventure you’ll never forget, so start planning your Coromandel dream vacation and book your tour today!