Auckland INFLITE Experiences, New Zealand

There’s more to Auckland than its cityscape. With our Auckland INFLITE Experiences scenic helicopter flights, get a chance to see this bustling city from up above. Fly over its sparkling harbour, dramatic coastlines, golden beaches, and islands. Cap off your day with exclusive dining experiences.

Our Auckland helicopter tours offer exciting opportunities to trek along active volcanoes, experience heli-golfing, heli-fishing, or step from a private helicopter and into fine dining restaurants. We make these luxuries available to anyone who wants to make their Auckland trip memorable.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations

We will arrange pick-up and drop-off from the following Auckland helipads:

  • Rosedale on the North Shore
  • Waiheke Island
  • Ardmore Airport
  • Auckland Airport
  • North Shore Airfield

What happens if I can’t fly due to bad weather?

Tour booked with us are fully refundable if there is a cancellation due to bad weather. We can give you an option to reschedule your flight to suit your itinerary

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