Rotorua Whitewater Rafting & Sledging

Looking for the ultimate adventure while in Rotorua? You need to try our Rotorua whitewater rafting and sledging trips in New Zealand!


Raft the mighty Kaituna River! Kaituna River is Rotorua’s ultimate playground, with not just one but three majestic waterfalls, including the 7m Tutea Falls, which is the highest rafted waterfall in the world. Navigate your way through 14 awesome rapids and learn a bit about Maori culture along the way. No experience needed and training will be provided, so this trip is perfect for everyone.

Another option is to join a sledging excursion. Make your way through the native bush, propelling yourself with your feet! Choose between grades 3 and 5.


This beautiful Grade 4 river is perfect for both first time and experienced rafters. Enjoy about 2 hours or over 14km of rafting action, passing through scenic native and plantation forests. After your day’s adventure, treat yourself to a relaxing hot spring.


This Grade 5 river features a stunning boulder and tree-lined gorge. Expect turbulent rapids with exciting drops! We will raft from mild to wild, so all skill levels are welcome.