Pencarrow Head Bike Hire

Our Pencarrow Head Bike Hire Shed is located in Eastbourne, about an hour’s drive away from Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. We have everything you need to explore the cycle tracks – from mountain bikes, electric bikes, to bikes for children and other abilities. Pencarrow Heads is part of the East Harbour Regional Park, near the the Kohangapiripiri and Kohangatera lakes.

The biking trail starts from Burdan’s Gate, just south of Eastbourne, Lower Hut, winding its way for about 7 km along a coastline, until it reaches the shores of the Cook Strait and the Pencarrow Lighthouse.

From the Lower Pencarrow Lighthouse, there is a network of biking trails that you can choose from. You can spend some time at the lighthouse and enjoy the uninterrupted views of the Wellington Harbour and the lakes on the other side.

Lake Kohangatera & Lake Kohangapiripiri

If you choose to explore further, the a 1-kilometre side trail will lead you to Lake Kohangapiripiri and another kilometre further, will get you to Lake Kohangatera. Here you will encounter native wild and plant life, including indigenous waterfowl, and freshwater eels and fish.

If you’re an experienced cyclist, you can choose cycle further out to Baring Head, into the Orongorongo Valley, and Turakirae Head which is home of one of Wellington's largest seal colonies.


Pencarrow Head is rugged with strong winds and very changeable weather. Please bring a sunblock, warm clothing, and water.