Hotels in Blenheim, New Zealand

We have a great range of Blenheim accommodation the ideal base to explore Marlborough, located in the northern part of the south island right in the middle of the wine growing region; and a short drive from the famous Marlborough Sounds. Our Hotels in Blenheim, New Zealand are located in one of the sunniest towns in New Zealand, with on average 2,438 hours of sunshine a year. Blenheim is fast making a name for itself as one of New Zealand’s most visited and most popular cities.  Business in the town is booming and Blenheim hotels are in abundance.  Blenheim accommodation in New Zealand includes anything from Blenheim motel accommodation and hotels to 4 and 5 star luxury and boutique lodges.  In such a popular tourist destination, it’s always advisable that you reserve your accommodation in Blenheim, New Zealand ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment.  Shopping around and booking online is the easiest and most popular way of getting the right room at the right price.

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Blenheim’s most popular attractions

The marine life is abundant in this area and, if you visit during the right season, you will be fortunate enough to witness some of the ocean’s giants in action.  Swimming with the dolphins in the Marlborough Sounds is a popular local activity.  It is important to note that activities like horseback riding and swimming with dolphins are exceptionally therapeutic and known ways of relieving stress.  So, even If your hotel in Blenheim, New Zealand offers a full range of spa facilities, taking a dive into the big blue sea with some aquatic friends will do anyone and everyone the world of good.

Just 40km from Blenheim is Lake Grassmere.  What’s notable about this lake is that it is separated from the ocean by a single barrier and has an extremely high salt content.  This lake is the country’s only source of sea salt and an amazing sight to see.  The pink surface is caused by the presence of algae.  It turns this colour because of the large amount of salt and gives the area an out of this world appearance.

Just like any good tourist destination, Blenheim plays host to a number of aerial adventure companies.  Scenic flights, balloon rides and sky diving are all on the cards for those looking for a different view of this town.

With the nearby ocean, the convergence of the Taylor and Opawa Rivers and the strong gusts of wind coming in from Cook’s Strait, there are plenty of water activities to enjoy.  Diving and snorkelling will reveal the abundant marine life the lies beneath while kayaking and fishing will keep you above water rather than below.  From nearby Picton, boat cruises and sailing trips take you to popular spots in the Marlborough Sounds.  Some trips last for a few hours while others will allow you to give the hotels in Blenheim, New Zealand a break and enjoy a night out on the water.

Tantalize your tastebuds in Marlborough

Blenheim is located in the Marlborough area and it is this particular part of New Zealand that’s known for its exceptional wine making skills.  Thanks to the hot, dry summers and chilly but not too cold winters, the grapes in this region are perfect for creating some of the industry’s most aromatic flavours.  A wine tasting trip is certainly in order.  You may just find yourself taking a bottle or two along to your hotel in Blenheim or even back home to share with friends and family.

Blenheim has a great variety of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and gourmet foods. A scrumptious seafood feast is a definite must in these parts.  Marlborough is very well-known for its shellfish industry and visitors can enjoy the flavour of truly fresh fish.  Greenshell mussels, oysters, salmon and crayfish are of the most popular fresh catches.  If you book yourself some cheap Blenheim accommodation, you will be able to save some cash and use it to entertain your belly with extra trips to the top local dining spots.


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