Hotels in Fox Glacier, New Zealand

We have a great range of hotels in Fox Glacier, New Zealand; which are located on the West Coast of New Zealand. The small town of Fox Glacier is the main accommodation centre for the glacier of the same name. A must for any visitor. A short walk from the restaurants and cafes in Fox Glacier town centre are glow worm caves, which are quite common in the region. 

There are more than a dozen Fox Glacier hotels within 2km of the glacier while other Fox Glacier accommodation options may mean travelling a few kilometres further away.  When visiting a location this popular, it’s always a good idea to make your accommodation reservations ahead of time.  With this in mind, it’s important to note that online bookings are the best way of securing accommodation in Fox Glacier, New Zealand as well as being able to compare locations, facilities and prices.

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Fox Glacier experiences

It should go without saying that the biggest tourist attraction in this area is Fox Glacier itself.  It’s a whole 13km long and one of the most accessible glaciers in the world.  Explorers are welcome to walk to the terminal face of the glacier by foot but it’s advisable to go with a guided group.  Some parts of the glacier can be rather treacherous and boundaries have been put in place for everyone’s safety. There are half and full day guided walks, as well as helihikes right onto the glacier itself. 

Alternatively, if you’re not one for hiking or would simply prefer to see the bigger picture from a distance, a helicopter ride is just for you.  There are plenty of helicopter companies to choose from and rides vary in distance and duration as well as price.  If you have never been in a helicopter before, this will certainly make for an unforgettable first time!

Other attractions at Fox Glacier

Glaciers aside, there are lots of other beautiful sights and activities in the area.  This usually means leaving your hotel in Fox Glacier fairly early in the morning in order to make it to your destination with more than enough time to spare. Whilst staying in our Fox Glacier Hotel accommodation, make sure you visit Lake Matheson, New Zealand's most photographed lake; simply stunning on a clear day. 

Gillespies Beach has beautiful pebble shores just begging to be explored.  There is a campsite in the area close to the old gold mine settlement.  Some short trails will lead you to the old suction and bucket dredges while others take you on a path towards the Gillespies and Galway Beaches.  Many visitors specifically travel to Galway Beach to get a look at the local seal colony.


Scenic flights in the area also take visitors on a tour of the famous Mount Cook.  For those who wish to enjoy nature on a more intimate level, the Mount Cook and Westland National Parks are nearby and filled with abundant life and stunning scenery.  Visitors to the Westland National Park can get a good look at glaciers, lakes and a dense rainforest.  The Mount Cook National Park neighbours the Westland National Park and has a way of giving its visitors an astounding sense of perspective.  As its mountains tower over you, you can’t help but feel small in the grand scheme of things.  This park is known to have the largest glaciers as well as the tallest mountains.  It truly is an immense park and could not possible be fully explored in just one single trip.