Located on the east coast of the south island, half way between Christchurch and MarlboroughKaikoura is a lovely town with plenty to offer its visitors.  Whilst staying in our Kaikoura Hotel accommodation, make sure you try the local crayfish, you will never taste better! Accommodation in Kaikoura, New Zealand is top class and tourists can choose between hotels, motels, apartments, lodges and B&Bs.  Kaikoura apartments accommodation is ideal for those looking for superior self contained accommodation. With so many Kaikoura hotels and other forms of accommodation to choose from, finding cheap Kaikoura accommodation shouldn’t be too much of a chore.  Probably the best way of securing a place to stay that won’t cost an arm and a leg is by doing your research and making a booking online.

Top attractions in Kaikoura, New Zealand

There are plenty of wonderful activities in this area that are sure to keep you out of your hotel in Kaikoura.  Why spend excessive time indoors when nature waits?  The Peninsula Walkway is fairly low on the difficulty scale which makes it suitable for anyone!  The views are amazing and the incline of the hill is slight.  An early morning walk is recommended as it will give you the chance to enjoy the warm rays of the rising sun and watch as its glow lights up the entire area.  The walk takes approximately 2 hours.  This really depends on fitness levels and whether or not walkers are in a hurry or stop frequently to take in the scenery.

The local aquarium is smaller than most other aquariums these days but it’s still a popular spot for tourists and kids really enjoy it.  On a rainy day or when the weather seems unpredictable, take cover under its roof and enjoy the tanks and touch pools.

There are also a number of scenic reserves in the area that are always worth a visit and enjoy taking in the amazing sights and fresh air.  Due to its location, Kaikoura is the perfect spot for many water activities including canoeing, kayaking, diving and snorkelling.  More unusual activities are also available such as Llama Trekking.

Local marine life encounters including Whale Watch Kaikoura

One of the top attractions in the area is the Ohau Stream and Waterfall walk.  Enjoy a short, easy walk along the stream and, before long, you will come across a group of seals and their playful pups.  Spend some time and enjoy watching them splash around before you move along to the waterfall.  Remember: seals look cute and cuddly from a distance but do not try to get too close, touch or feed them.  Apart from this particular spot, there are other locations where seals can be observed in their natural habitat.

The small town of Kaikoura is famous for its wildlife and Whale Watching trips. You can even try swimming with the dolphins, or for something different get up close to the inquisitive seals. Whale watching and swimming with dolphins are both popular in this area.  Witnessing the giants of the ocean is best done by helicopter.  You can get much closer and, with an aerial view, really appreciate just how enormous they are!

Swimming with dolphins is an experience that tourists should never pass up!  This unique experience, with some of the ocean’s most friendly inhabitants, has been proven to reduce stress levels.

Boat tours can also take you out to get a good look at the local Albatross colony.  The Wandering Albatross has the biggest wingspan in the world and visitors delight in getting so close to these majestic birds.