Hotels in Nelson New Zealand

From apartments by the water to basic motel rooms, Nelson accommodation options are designed to suit various budgets.  It’s important to remember that cheap Nelson accommodation does not mean that you are necessarily obligated to choose a less than desirable hotel in Nelson.  There is a good range of Nelson motel accommodation ideal for families; as well as Nelson apartment accommodation. For the most part, the price you pay depends on the time of year you plan on visiting and how soon in advance you can make your reservation.  Online hotel bookings have been known to save customers heaps of cash while allowing them to shop from the comfort of their own home. 

Whilst staying in your Nelson Accommodation there are many small cafes and restaurants that make superb use of the local fruit, vegetables, seafood and produce, combined with an appreciation for fine wine. The speciality of the area is seafood, with everything from fish and chips to delicious seafood chowder. You should visit the Mapua café and smokehouse for some of the best and freshest smoked seafood you have ever tasted. In the Nelson region there are a large number of artists and crafts people, with lots of small galleries, boutique shops and historic buildings. The Nelson region has New Zealand's highest amount of sunshine each year, and a mild climate year round.  Before you plan your trip and accommodation in Nelson, New Zealand, here are some sights that you must consider fitting into your travel plans:

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Most popular sights in Nelson

To some, the combination of fashion, art and cars might seem a bit odd but at the World of Wearable Art and Classic Car Museum, it’s all part of the grand scheme of things.  This museum boasts a fresh collection of wearable art pieces from the WOW Awards Show and displays them amongst some of the finest rare classics.

A popular track to walk leads from the Canaan Carpark and through a gorgeous forest.  You will reach a fork in the path and from here you can decide whether you wish to visit the famous Hardwoods Hole or the Gorge Creek Lookout.  Note that you cannot see down the shaft of the Hardwoods Hole and there are no barriers.  Only experienced climbers are advised to venture into this magnificent shaft.  Navigating your way to the lookout point should also be done with care as the path can get tricky with all the sharp limestone formations.  Both of these sights are popular to visit and making your way from the carpark to one of these points will take approximately 45 minutes.  This walk is not for the faint of heart, however, and your Nelson hotel accommodation is bound to look pretty good by the time you’re done!

Popular historical sites in the Nelson area include Isel House, the Nelson Provincial Museum, Broadgreen Historic House the Historic Lighthouse and more.  Visitors also give Founders Park great reviews and many even host weddings and other functions in some of these fabulous buildings. 

Unwind and get rid of that stress

Nature has a wonderful way of working her magic on our senses.  Relaxing bike rides and horse treks are available in the Nelson area and they are ideal for getting away from the city life and enjoying some therapeutic fresh air.  There are also some amazing wine tours that will not only give you the chance to travel through the area but also experience some of the finest wines to ever touch your lips. 

In the Nelson region there are three major National Parks, Kahurangi National Park, Nelson Lakes National Park and Abel Tasman National Park; each one completely different to the others. 

The hotels in Nelson, New Zealand might have an abundance of relaxing spa treatments and therapies available for their guests but, if you went for a more simplistic Nelson hotels accommodation option, you should certainly consider getting yourself booked into a spa or meditation centre in the area.