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New Zealand Bus Pass

Kiwis are known for their sense of adventure, their willingness to explore and love of the outdoors.  We also enjoy meeting new people and travelling around our own beautiful country.  Travelpass encompasses the top travelling routes so that you too can explore New Zealand just like a local!

Travelpass uses New Zealand's largest coach network, InterCity Coachlines in order to offer you more departures than anyone else.  You will enjoy even more freedom to explore and getting closer to the real New Zealand is possible in just 4 easy steps.

Your Travelpass includes coach transport on our national network and selected dedicated sightseeing sectors throughout New Zealand.  Many of our passes also include extras like the Interislander ferry on national passes, cruises and attractions.

Travelpass makes planning your trip around New Zealand simple with these four steps:

First select the pass that best suits your travel plans.  Passes vary from a minimum of 1 day to 14 days and they are valid for 12 months from activation.  Activation only takes place on your first date of travel.

After selecting your pass, you may book online by clicking on the 'Book Now' icon next to your selected pass.

Get ready to explore New Zealand like a local with multiple daily departures and travel options from various cities, towns and communities nationwide.

Plenty of fantastic itineraries that allow you to freedom to explore New Zealand just like a local.

Travelpass itineraries take into account the most popular travelling routes throughout New Zealand.  Choose between a complete National bus pass, a regional North Island or South Island pass.

Our pre-planned itineraries allow you to choose how far you travel every day and where you stop along the way.  There's no pressure to stay at specific hostels or take part in certain activities.  You decide what you want to do.

Route maps only display the main centres but, with Travelpass, you may stop at any of the smaller towns on our network along the way.  Just as long as you don't deviate from the set course.  All of our national passes include the Interislander ferry that will take you between New Zealand's North and South Islands.  This makes it that much easier to travel and see the whole country.

Bonus Inclusions:  A number of our passes also include bonus extras such as tours and cruises that help you stretch your budget out even more.

Make your way around our beautiful country on the largest transport network in New Zealand.  With more than 120 services nationwide to over 600 cities, towns and communities and several daily departures to man centres countrywide, it's clear to see why InterCity Coachlines is the top choice for local and international tourists. 

New Zealand Bus Pass

Flexible Routes.

Just because you are travelling as per a set itinerary, this does not mean that you are by any means tied to a set time schedule.  Since we offer multiple daily departures nationwide, you are welcome to stay and enjoy as many of your stops as you like.  You also have the option of hopping on and off wherever you like along the route.  This includes all the little towns along the way that may not be featured on our maps.  Should you require any more information, feel free to contact us on our free phone number or visit any one of our agents located across the country. 

Comfortable Modern Coaches.

We are a kiwi owned and operated company and, as such, we take great pride in the clean green image that New Zealand is famous for.  In an effort to help preserve out country, we utilise a modern fleet of low emission, environmentally friendly vehicles that are specifically designed for New Zealand conditions. 

Plenty of time to see New Zealand.

Passes remain valid for 12 months from the activation date.  Therefore, you have more than enough time to stop wherever you like during your travels. 

Who travels on our coaches?

Anyone and everyone enjoys travelling with us.  Over 1 million kiwis choose to travel with our network so you are bound to meet regular people along the way as well as more travellers just like you. 

Travel with a local.

Say "Kia ora" and don't be shy when it comes to interacting with locals on the bus.  We are friendly and always willing to share tips on the best places to visit. 

Travel Bonuses.

Our passes offer fantastic bonus inclusions like sandboarding at Cape Reinga and scenic cruises in Milford Sound.  These inclusions can help you stick to your travel budget and enjoy even more along your trip than you initially may have thought. 

Pre-planned tours.

We have all our itineraries planned out but, at the end of the day, you make your own trip and you decide just how far you wish to travel each day.  All of our national passes include the Interislander Ferry between Picton and Wellington. 

Additional coach sectors.

If you would like to travel further, you simply need to check our national network.  We are sure to have a service that will fit your travel plans perfectly (additional cost). 

Sightseeing day tours.

Many of our regional and national passes included dedicated sightseeing day tours with  GreatSights New Zealand and awesomeNZ.  All of these tours include GPS operated multi lingual commentary. 

Is accommodation included in my pass?

No.  Travelpass™ allows you to freedom to choose where you wish to stay. We recommend booking your New Zealand accommodation in advance.

How long is a Travelpass valid for?

All Travelpasses™ are valid for 12 months from activation date.  Activation only occurs once you have booked travel against your pass. 

Once I have my Travelpass, how do I book my coach trips?

In order to book your travel, you need to call our national contact centre toll free.  Keep your pass number handy when you call.  Alternatively, there are hundreds of retail agents nationwide, including the i-SITE Visitor network, BASE, YHA and Nomad Hostels who will be able to assist you in booking your travel. 

New Zealand Bus Pass

What if I want to change my departure dates?

Yes.  You may make changes to your itinerary up to 2 hours before your set departure time on all coach sectors. 

Can I book extra travel outside of my pass?

Yes! InterCity's national network has a number of services to offer and you are bound to find something to suit your needs.  Contact us and remember that extra travel does involve an additional cost. 

Can I stop anywhere?

Yes.  If you particularly fancy a certain location or you have work in that area for a few weeks, you may pause your pass any time within the validity of the pass.  Your stop will also need to be a registered stop within our network, of course. 

What does my travelpass include?

Coach transport and commentary on selected services is included.  All national passes include a one way trip on the Interislander Ferry between Wellington and Picton.  Meals, accommodation and any optional activities are not included in the price of your pass.