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Discovery Cruises

Explore this area in the same way as Captain Cook did on these multi-day New Zealand Discovery Cruises through some of NZ’s more spectacular and remote wilderness areas.

Fiordland National Park Discovery Cruises

If you are looking for the best Discovery Cruises in New Zealand, look no further than Preservation Inlet Discovery Cruises! These Discovery Cruises takes you on an amazing 7-day journey to explore the most remote fiords located in Fiordland National Park.

Fiordland’s waters are abundant in sea life thanks to the top layer of dark, fresh water at the surface. Being darker in colour, this layer blocks the sunlight and allows corals and other sea life to flourish in shallower conditions than they usually would. The layer is created by the amazing high annual rainfall in the area and the dark colour is due to the forest’s tannins as the water flows through a large catchment area on its way to the sea. Due to the abundant sea life, Doubtful Sound has a marine reserve which is a popular spot for divers. Apart from the regular residents, visitors like Mollyhawks, Royal Albatross, whales and penguins also frequent these parts. The Fiordland Crested Penguin is quite rare and returns regularly since Doubtful Sound is its breeding ground.

Stewart Island Discovery Cruises

Explore New Zealand’s third island, Stewart Island, on our 6 day Stewart Island Discovery Cruise.

On these New Zealand Discovery Cruises, it is quite likely that you will spot some little penguins and playful fur seals. If you’re lucky, you could also get to see a pod of dolphins at play or hear the songs of the native birds. In order to ensure that you get the most out of this trip, you will be accompanied by a specialist nature guide who is as enthusiastic about nature as they are knowledgeable.

Stewart Island is located just across Foveaux Strait from Bluff, to the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island. It is fairly undiscovered and it is this untouched beauty that attracts so many nature enthusiasts here from all over the world.

With its many beautiful bays, inlets, sandy beaches and bush covered mountains, Stewart Island offers visitors a wide variety of landscapes to enjoy. If you see the amazing hues of dawn and twilight on our Discovery Cruises, you will understand the Maori name given to this island. Rakiura means land of the glowing skies and this it certainly is and more!

The untouched coastline, gorgeous sandy beaches and hills covered by dense forests make it the perfect haven for marine life and birds.

7 Day Preservation Inlet Discovery Cruise
7 Day Preservation Inlet Discovery Cruise
South Island
Set sail on an unparalleled journey with us, exploring five of New Zealand’s most remote and majestic fiords: Chalky and Preservation Inlets...