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Milford Sound Overnight Cruises

A Milford Sound Overnight Cruise is the kind of trip that cameras were made for! Milford Sound really is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on this fine earth and it always leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

The scenery varies from tall mountains to waterfalls and forests. Mitre Peak towers above and, at over a kilometre high, it really is one of the area’s most iconic and photographed sights. The fresh air of the forests that cling to the dramatic rock faces along with the roaring sounds of waterfalls pouring over into the fiord all make for an unforgettable experience on a Milford Sound Overnight Cruise.

You can reach Milford Sound in on our custom built glass roofed coaches so, even while under cover, you can still enjoy all the sights that surround you. There’s never a dull moment with al the magnificent mountains, rainforests and glaciers for you to see along the way. With this in mind, remember to keep your camera handy at all times! Alternatively, if you want to view the sound from a different angle, you can enjoy a scenic flight that departs from Queenstown.

Once you reach your destination, be it by coach or flight, you will embark on one of our Milford Sound Overnight Cruise aboard one of our scows (traditional in design) for a truly unique experience.

Enjoy the very best that Milford Sound has to offer without having to deal with crowds of people on a Milford Sound Overnight Cruise. Whether the weather is rainy, sunny or misty, this trip is always worth getting excited about!


The beech tree canopy clings to the fiord’s dramatic rock faces and towers over the most amazing and lush foliage including ferns, various types of moss and lichen. Due to its shallow roots, this ecosystem relies on the heavy rainfall here for its survival. It is somewhat ironic that it is this life force – the rain – that often causes entire portions of forest to lose their grip and get lost in the waters below.

This area, due to its untouched nature, attracts all sorts of birds native to New Zealand. These include tui, kea, bellbirds and even rare species like kakapo and takahe. New Zealand fur seals and other types of sea life have made this place their home and, as a result, these parts are home to a marine reserve. Other marine life to look out for on a Milford Sound Overnight Cruise include bottlenose dolphins, rare Fiordland Crested Penguins and other penguins too.