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Awesome Scenic Rafting Adventure - 1 Day


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Families really enjoy rafting through the scenic parts of the Rangitikei River, downstream from the River Valley Lodge.  What makes this option so appealing?  Well, it's ideal for a family enjoying their very first river rafting experience.  There are more than 30 Grade 2 rapids, which are nice and easy, as well as a side hike to a superb waterfall (weather permitting).  The 13km scenic portion of the river downstream from the River Valley Lodge is ideal since the water is safe, fun, interesting and the views are lovely.

Are you looking for the best option for your first time river adventure that will prove safe, scenic and fun for the whole family?

Have You Ever Thought that a Day on a River Could be a Fun Adventure?

Families thoroughly enjoy the scenic beauty of the portion of the Rangitikei River located downstream from the River Valley Lodge. 

Why Do They Love It?

Families choose this particular trip because it satisfies their need for a fun and safe outdoor experience for everyone.  It's also a great way to introduce the younger ones to river rafting in a scenic and fun environment.

There are more than 30 easy Grade 2 rapids, a side hike to an impressive waterfall (weather permitting) and natural scenery that accompanies you for 13km along the Rangitikei River.  All of these elements add to to the appeal of this trip for families.

You could also Experience a Fantastic Fun day on the River

Our guides will make sure that you are well prepared and kitted out with all the right equipmetn to keep you warm and safe.  Depending on the day, this may include wetsuits or specially made bib style splash pants, neoprene boots and life jackets.  Helmets are also always worn.

We understand that rafters come in all ages and not everyone wants to sit in the same raft as their parents.

This is the Time for Inflatable Kayaks

This is when inflatable kayaks come in really handy.  They are stable, easy to navigate and loads of fun for teens and young adults.  Parents will certainly get a kick out of seeing the joy on their kids' faces! 

A Stunning Canyon with a Picnic Lunch

As you make your way down, the huge cliffs surround the river canyon.  We will stop in one of these sections for a picnic lunch.  Hereafter, we take a relaxing float out to the end and a scenic drive that will return you to the River Valley Lodge.

How Much Time to Allow, and When to Do It

The total amount of time spent on the river itself largely depends on the water flow.  It usually takes between 3 to 4 hours but you should allow for a full day to include meeting at the River Valley Lodge at 9:30am.  This adventure is seasonal from the 1st of October until the 30th of April.

When booking a scenic river adventure, families need to provide us with all children's ages.  The minimum age for this trip is 5 years.

What if You Just Want a Pleasant day on the River with Friends?

This trip can be done as a gentle float with oared rafts.  This is particularly appealing to anyone older or less active.  If you are looking for this kind of experience, make sure that you specify this when making your booking to that we can make the necessary arrangements on our end.

River Valley Scenic Rafting

Scenic Rafting River Valley

Scenic Rafting River Valley

Rangitikei Scenic Rafting

Price per person 

October 2021 - April 2022

  • Adult: NZ$215
  • Child: NZ$99

* Child age 6-13 years
No children under 6 years

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