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Nelson's advantageous location and comfortable climate allows travelers to enjoy a wide variety of entertaining outdoor activities, many of which are suitable for individuals across a wide variety of ages and fitness levels. Using the time allotments stated below as a general point of reference, visitors are encouraged to create their own personalized tour by incorporating any of the following activities.

Gourmet Food.

Nelson has gained a reputation for being the “food bowl” of New Zealand, due in large part to the fact that the fruits and vegetables grown here are an iconic representation of the country's culture and landscape. We guarantee that almost any non-tropical fruit and vegetable you can think of will be thriving in Nelson! This area is also home to the popular King Salmon, as well as an assortment of mussel farms and what is currently considered to be the largest fishing fleet in all of Australasia. Nelson is also the perfect location for sampling a wide range of natural and processed foods, including honey, jams, oils, chips and cheeses, among other items. Allow 1-2 hours.

Nelson Beer.

As this region of New Zealand is considered to be prime hop territory, a comprehensive beer tour could not be considered “complete” without visiting the revered Nelson Tasman region. The exclusive location for commercial hop production in New Zealand, Nelson now hosts the country's largest craft brewing center, which features 10 independent craft breweries. Allow 1-4 hours.

Nelson Wine.

Nelson is home to a variety of boutique, family-owned but world-class vineyards, many of which offer entertaining tours and tastings for visitors throughout prime tourism season. Allow 5-6 hours.

Nelson Art.

Nelson is proud of its reputation as the artistic hub of New Zealand, and makes a point of highlighting the multitude of galleries found in and around the community. The quality of art found here clearly illustrates why this city is considered to be one of the country's most significant cultural resources. It's not uncommon to see artists and visitors from around the world visit Nelson throughout the year. Allow 5-6 hours.

Nelson Market.

Although visitors are typically surprised by the scope and quality of the Nelson Market, locals have known for years just how amazing this place is! For those interested in immersing themselves in the local culture of Nelson, a stop at the Nelson Market as part of a Saturday morning tour is guaranteed to impress. Allow 1-2 hours, Saturday morning only.

World of WearableArt.

The World of WearableArt™ and Classic Cars Museum have become memorable Nelson institutions that provide visitors with two enjoyable and distinctly unique experiences. A world-class collection of some of history's most coveted automobiles can be viewed alongside an unforgettable collection of WearableArt created by a truly international selection of artisans. Allow 1-2 hours.

Happy Valley.

This family-friendly, wildly popular adventure playground has become famous for its fabulous Skywire, which launches adults and children into the air and allows them to “fly” before returning safely to the ground. Allow 3-4 hours.

Waimarama Brook Sanctuary.

In the rejuvenated Waimarama Brook Sanctuary, visitors can experience a pest-free world where native plants and animals are able to thrive, free of human intervention. Numerous rare and exotic plant and animal species like the endangered but endearing kiwi, kakapo and tuatara can be found throughout the untamed terrain of the sanctuary. The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary prides itself on being a community-based initiative, responding to a need expressed by the citizens of Nelson to establish, maintain and develop a “pest-free” respite within close proximity to the city. Allow 3-4 hours.

Bird Watching.

With all of the foothills, islands, estuaries and coastal landscapes surrounding Nelson, it should come as no surprise that this area is the perfect location for observing the numerous bird species that call Nelson home.


There's no shortage of beautiful, well-preserved gardens in Nelson, and many of these locations feature an astonishing array of international plant species and design aesthetics, including influences from English, Japanese and Chinese culture. A tour of these gardens, as well as the historic homesteads that host some of them, is guaranteed to impress.

Ngarua Cave.

For those looking to embrace their inner spelunker, the Ngarua cave is one of the most popular natural venues in the area, featuring millions of mind-bending stalactites, stalagmites and a breathtaking 'Wedding Cathedral'. The cave tour is guided with professionals and covers an area of 300 meters. Allow 2-3 hours.

Film Location Sites.

The beautiful scenery surrounding Nelson has been used as a backdrop and point of inspiration for countless films in recent times. Our tours will allow you to explore an area of the world that remains forever ingrained in the minds of moviegoers.  See the Hobbit's Holiday for more details. Duration of the tour varies.

Sea Kayaking.

Sea kayaking lets you leisurely access the sublime beauty of Abel Tasman National Park. Suitable for outdoor enthusiasts across a broad range of fitness levels, sea kayaking comes highly recommended before winding down to an afternoon walk.

Abel Tasman National Park

Alpine Splendour

Art Gallery Tour Nelson

Art Studio Tour Nelson

Chetwood Forest

Golden Bay

Nelson Lakes Recovery

Nelson in a Day

Rainbow Station

Richmond Forest Park

West of Rivendell

Seals, Wild Northwest

Marlborough Platter

Lunch in Nelson

Wine and Art

Abel Tasman National Park

Cost per person

October 2018 - September 2019

  • First 2 people: NZ$1,200
  • Extra persons: NZ$165 each extra person

Optional helicopter flights

  • Prices depend on numbers on the day

Maximum of 11 people

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